Tuesday, January 21, 2014



My name is Marion and I am a computer programmer in Orange County, California. I am new to Arduino and electronics. But, with the wealth of knowledge on the internet and vast amount of resources I find that learning Arduino is easy and loads of fun! I have quickly progressed from knowing absolutely nothing to knowing just a little more than nothing. ;)

After posting my first attempt at soldering (don't worry, the Arduino is designed so you never have to solder if you don't want to) on Facebook many of my friends wanted to know what Arduino was and how they could get started on it too.

Also, I realize that knowing what I know now I would probably have done things a little differently to save some money up front. So, I plan on sharing some thoughts on that and hope you will too.

And, finally, sitting at my kitchen table getting my first circuit to work is very exciting, but not very social. And, frankly, my family is not as excited as I am by the little yellow LED happily blinking away while I jump for joy and run through the house showing everyone that I built my first circuit.

So,  join me, and let's build gizmos and learn Arduino together and have some fun while we're at it!

-- Marion

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